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Oil of Pantelleria – Salvatore Murana Vini

Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a 250€


The olive trees of the Biancolilla varieties, that Murana’s family owns in the terracing of Martingana and Cala Ficara, are pruned low and reduced in size to allow the plants to bear fruit despite the strong winds that characterize the island.

Technical wine data sheet

  • Name : Extra virgin olive oil
  • Olive varieties : Biancolilla
  • Produced bottles : 1.000
  • Description:

    Is an oil with the highest standard of organoleptic qualities. It strike with great finesse, the elegance, the union of herbal fruity nuances and fruity taste, characteristic of deep mineral of the island’s soil. The production process are followed by meticulously gesture, with full hand-picked olives and taken to the pressing in airy boxes in order to preserve the maximum of the fragrance of perfumes and flavors. It is obtained through a cold pressing in the most prestigious Sicilian Crushers.

  • Combination:

    It’s a high value oil, to taste strictly on raw bread baked in wood, medium cheese or seasoned, on rare meat, on top of grouper and amberjack steamed or grilled and as dressing of the Sicilian “cassata”. The oil should be stored away from light, in a fresh air place, temperature of 10-12 ° C.

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